Our Social Club is a hugely important part of what we do. The planning of activities helps clients learn new skills and the friendships made can last a lifetime.

Social Club

The Social Club meets once a fortnight and is responsible for any activities planned outside the usual Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay facility or programme. All clients are welcome to be part of the Social Club. Clients fulfil all the positions of responsibility on the Social Club Committee. 

Exchanges and Overnighters

Once a year there is an exchange with the Strive Rehabilitation @ Manawatu. Either the Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay visits and stays in Palmerston North or the Strive Rehabilitation @ Manawatu visits and is hosted by us.

On the year that we host the Strive Rehabilitation @ Manawatu, we also like to go for an overnighter somewhere not too far away. Once again the Social Club do the planning and organising of these events.

News and Events

Check out some of the latest News and Events.

Events and Trip Planning

Every year the Social Club organises a number of events for clients and staff. Many life skills are learnt during the process and clients learn about themselves and their colleagues.

The Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay Annual Trip (usually in October) is one such event and takes an enormous amount of planning. Clients are involved from day one to organise this six day trip to somewhere in New Zealand. Once a destination is decided a Finance Committee is established and fund-raising starts. There is a lot of planning and fund-raising involved and it is very much a part of every client’s rehabilitation. Life skills, such as planning, budgeting and teamwork are gained by clients. Clients contribute their personal cost and all those who make a commitment to the trip are expected to participate and contribute towards all the fund-raising.

A big responsibility for Anita is to ensure all clients are kept informed about the progress being made by the Social Club and to remind all people that any suggestions and ideas around fund-raising are welcome.


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