Meet Our Team

Guenevere Weatherley

Guenevere is a psychologist and sociologist who oversaw Disability Services as part of her management portfolio in tertiary institutions for the past 17 years. Prior to these roles, she was engaged in Crime Prevention, worked for the Auckland Public Health Research Unit in the community, and acted as a social worker in Children & Care, Risk Assessment, Youth Justice and Secure Care. During this time she also undertook two major research projects for government.

Guenevere holds a life-long fascination for brain function and ability, especially in areas of rehabilitation and she is committed to helping clients’ endeavours to attain their individual rehabilitation goals. She leads a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals who enjoy their work and make positive contributions to the lives of their clients on a daily basis. 

She has a master’s degree in psychology and another in political philosophy and sociology. Currently, she is completing her PhD, applying Deulezean concepts of resilience to women’s lines of flight from domestic violence. 

Guenevere’s research interests include current developments in neuropsychological therapy and cultural and environmental influences on brain development and flourishing. She is also interested in post-structuralist philosophy. When she is not working or studying she enjoys water sports, reading, handcrafts, roller skating and spending time with family.

Ph (06) 974 8000   ext 5432
DD (06) 830 1532

Maxine Bevin

Maxine is employed to provide support and oversight for the development and review of the client programmes at the Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay. She is also contracted to facilitate the Aphasia Project Team, Confident Communication and Reading a Smile, and Hero’s Journey. She enjoys working alongside clients and staff in this community rehabilitation setting.

Maxine has a background in speech-language therapy working predominantly with adults with acquired communication disability after stroke and traumatic brain injury. She also has a research interest in self and identity in rehabilitation.

Speech Language Therapist and Rehabilitation Professional
Ph (06) 974 8000 ext 5256
DD (06) 830 1256

Carron Burn

Carron joined the Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay in March 2009. Carron is responsible for administrative tasks and finance. You will always find Carron to be a friendly and helpful first point of contact.

Administration Manager
Ph (06) 974 8000 ext 5253
DD (06) 830 1253

Ingrid Perols

Ingrid joined Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke’s Bay in 2019. She is responsible for planning, coordination and review of client programmes. Ingrid is a NZ Registered Dietitian who has worked in a variety of roles in health and tertiary education for over 30 years. She enjoys working with people from all walks of life, giving everyone opportunities to live a healthy and fulfilling life. In her spare time Ingrid enjoys outdoor activities such as cycling, orienteering, tramping and exploring unknown territory around NZ/Aotearoa and other countries.

NZ Registered Dietitian and Allied Health Professional
Ph (06) 974 8000 ext 5254
DD (06) 830 1254

Darryl Smith

Key Support Worker
Ph (06) 974 8000 ext 5247
DD (06) 830 1247

Roger Mabey

I joined The Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay in August 2016. I had previous experience with the clients with the Woodturning Group that has been run over the last 8 years. The experience gained from working with clients gave me an insight in to their needs and capabilities to help them improve their lives. My interests and hobbies are many and varied including woodturning, crafty ideas, reading, going to concerts and family with grandchildren in UK.

Key Support Worker
Ph (06) 974 8000 ext 5433
DD (06) 830 1533

Sherilyn Rawlings

Sherilyn joined the Strive Rehabilitation team in 2012 as a Life Skills Coach working in the community.
Sherilyn manages her working day between centre based activities and home based one on one community support.
Sherilyn is honoured to be part of people’s rehabilitation and is constantly amazed at the progress people can make.
Hobbies include gardening, New Zealand’s great outdoors and movies.

Key Support Worker
Ph (06) 974 8000 ext 5258
DD (06) 830 1258

Denise Davies

Denise joined the Strive Rehabilitation team in 2017 firstly working as a Living Skills Coach in the community and now has taken up the role as Key Support Worker. On a daily basis Denise manages her day within the centre working alongside clients as well as supporting out in the community.
Denise enjoys swimming, cooking, gardening and spending time with family. 

Key Support Worker
Ph (06) 974 8000 ext 5434
DD (06) 830 1534

Maria Dawson

I had a stroke in 2000 which left me with aphasia. I was referred to the Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay to attend the Aphasia Project Team. While I was there they discovered that I could make scones. I made them intermittently until the Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay moved to the Taradale campus when it became a weekly event.

It was around 2006 I was offered the part time kitchen assistant position. I now work 3 mornings a week, including making scones. Around 6 years ago I took over the responsibility of meal preparation for the annual trips. I enjoy working in the kitchen and keeping everyone in line. I like to think I inspire new clients to persevere with their rehabilitation journey.

Kitchen Support Person

Anita Miller

Anita has been lucky enough to be a client at the Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay since 2007 after having a stroke in 2006. In 2008 she took on the roles of the editor for our monthly newsletter @ thought, the Secretary for the Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay Social Club and the cleaning of the workroom. She has been involved with the trip planning for our annual trips which is a job she absolutely loves doing, in fact, she loves doing all her jobs here. This year Anita has taken on the role of Social Club Coordinator. In her spare time she enjoys scrapbooking, going to the gym and catching up with friends.

Administration Assistant
Ph (06) 974 8000 ext 5557
DD (06) 830 1557


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