Cooking is available in the first semester from February and is delivered in 10 week sessions based in the EIT training kitchen. The sessions provided are:

  • Herbs and Spices
  • Desserts
  • Basic Meals
  • Cooking in the Oven

Clients have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with reading the recipe, kitchen hygiene and keeping themselves safe.

Meal Preparation

All clients are able to take part in the preparation of lunches. This programme specifically relates to people who have meal planning and preparation as part of their Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay programme.

Even though meals prepared at the Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay are for larger numbers, people are also supported in planning and preparing meals for individuals and small numbers.

Clients have opportunities to work one to one to complete individual learning and training around such things as:

  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Food management
  • Preparation
  • Serving
  • Cleaning and tidying up

This may also involve shopping and working within a set budget.

Some clients take responsibility for organising morning tea and helping with dishes.


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