A great opportunity to meet and talk in a safe and friendly environment.

Women’s Group

Once a week on Friday mornings the Women’s Group meets. The women are jointly responsible for planning and organising activities and topics. They usually plan events about a month in advance. They may have visiting speakers on topics of interest as well as for providing learning opportunities and information They may go on outings to places of interest or be hosted at a members place for morning tea or activities such as jam making, baking, scrapbooking and discussions amongst themselves.

Men’s Group

Once a week on Tuesday mornings this group of men meet. They are usually men who have had strokes or some sort of medical condition causing brain damage. They may have guest speakers on topics of interest either with an educational component or merely human interest. They also go on outings to places of interest. Discussions amongst the men are also commonplace and popular.

Cognitive Challenge

On Monday afternoons, clients and staff explore and challenge each other on activities that require varying levels of cognitive ability. There are individual, pairs and group games and activities to accommodate the varying levels and stages of abilities as well as areas of interest. This group is always open to hearing about new activities for this group.

Aphasia Project Team

Maxine Bevin is a Speech Language Therapist. Maxine facilitates this project team every Wednesday morning from 10am to 12pm. Aphasia is a communication disorder which can affect people’s social communication.

Some objectives of the Aphasia Project Team are:

  • To increase a team member’s participation in communication and conversation
  • To increase a team member’s confidence and self-esteem in communication and conversation

Brain Injury Education

Brain injury education is available to anyone who attends the Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay. This is most likely to happen in an informal way either within group settings or on a one to one basis.

The “Hero’s Journey” is offered every Wednesday morning.  This is a group educational programme about brain injury based on a book by Kit Malia and Anne Brannigan. It covers key concepts that help people move forward in rehabilitation. The process of adaptation following brain injury is a “Hero’s Journey”, hence the title of the programme. Family members are welcome to attend by arrangement.

Confident Communication

This course is offered every Monday afternoon. The content is broadly based on Toastmasters.

First Aid

Every year staff and clients have the opportunity to enrol in comprehensive first aid qualifications through EIT. This is through the Faculty of Nursing and Sports Science and is spread over four half days.


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