2019 Fundraising

Fundraising has started for our 'Day Trip Week'.  This fundraising helps pay the transport, food & activities.  We have some very exciting events coming up so pop the dates in your diary:

  • Movie Night —  'Movie Night' was a great night fill of fun.  Thank you so much to everyone that came along and supported us, we appreciate it.  Click here to see how we went.
  • Book Fair —  Due to the success the last couple of years, we are having another Book Fair this year.  We need donations of books.  Please start going through your stash & putting any books aside.  This can be cookbooks, novels, children's books, text books, comics, anything would be appreciated.  We haven't decided on an exact date yet but it will be in August.  Click here to see the flyer.

As well as this we have our ongoing fundraising:

  •  Ecostore Soap  — click here for more information
  • Grocery Raffle - We are now selling tickets for our Grocery Raffle for $2.00 a ticket,  Click here to see more
  • Finn's Fudge - click here for more information.


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