Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay - the reasons why we rebranded

The Stewart Centre @ EIT has recently completed a rebranding exercise with the result that we now have a new name – Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke’s Bay.

The three main drivers for this are:

We are no longer just a centre for delivering rehabilitation on the site but we are more about the delivery of services where the most suitable place is for each and every client, hence the name Centre has become out darted and inaccurate.

Even though our service is known throughout the rehabilitation community and across Hawke’s Bay, the Stewart Centre @ EIT does not give any indication of what our service is about.  We believe Strive is an aspirational word and Rehabilitation provides an indication of what our core business is.

We have included Hawke’s Bay instead of EIT, as in the past, to align with the other services of Strive Rehabilitation Tarawhiti and Manawatu and to reflect our geographical scope.

It is important to stress that our service delivery and quality systems that the Stewart Centre @ EIT has developed and worked with over the past 19 years will not be changing.  In that area it will be business as usual.


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