By Kim Herd

We have just completed another successful Strive Rehabilitation @ Hawke's Bay trip. Like all trips it had its highs and lows, but all in all it was another great trip.

The weather had promised to be an issue but it went in our favour and on Monday morning the day was calm and dry. The conditions where perfect for the boat trip around the Coromandel Coast. I heard it was a great trip enjoyed by all. I stayed on shore with the people who did not want to go on the boat. Our reward was deep fried battered oysters. Mmmm, thanks to Anita.

We enjoyed a trip to Whitianga as well as a day trip to Thames, which was very nice. There was also an impromptu visit to the school of mines and alot of gifts where purchased for families back home.

I really enjoyed the Driving Creek Railway and the Water Works. I think these were my favourite activities. I had to return home on Thursday afternoon due to a prior commitment on the Friday so I missed the last night dinner out. It sounded very delicious, one of the best yet and there was a celebrity. Stan Hill the former Tall Black captain is the owner of the Top Pub and he was there. There were some very excited people from what I hear. I would highly recommend Coromandel as a holiday destination. It was a very nice spot with everything you could possibly need and still be very relaxing.

As always the trip would not have been possible without the support of the staff, careers and clients, so thank you all very much for another great trip. The biggest thank you has to go to Anita, whose attention to detail always makes my role so much easier. She always has every detail covered. Thank you Anita, well done. I look forward to next year’s trip, where ever that will be.


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