By Kim Herd

This year’s trip to New Plymouth was a little earlier than other years and I for one was a little worried about the west coast weather. As we packed the bus on the Sunday morning the weather looked a little unsettled. We had nothing to worry about; as the Hawke’s Bay got a drenching we enjoyed almost perfect sunshine in New Plymouth.

This year there were 19 clients and 8 staff and carers. We traveled with 2 vans from Rowan and a Waipawa bus. We had the very efficient Derek as our driver. We always enjoy Derek on the trips, as he never gets flustered when we change plans or rearrange schedules and he just goes with the flow thank you Derek.

As always there was something for everyone from scenic coastal walks, swimming at the Aquatic Centre, milking sheds, fantastic museums to world class art galleries. It was a very well planned itinerary that everyone enjoyed. Thank you to Anita and the social club.

I always enjoy watching people out of their comfort zones and seeing how they cope with different environments. The trips tend to bring out the best and worst in people. I also enjoy watching people who were on their first trip enjoying every minute of being away and having the opportunities to experience things they may not otherwise get the chance to enjoy.

The confidence gained and friend ships made carry on long after the trips return. This is a valuable experience for those who choose to attend. For those who attend every year it is the opportunity to brush of skills they don’t get to use very often, thank you Ross for the 2 BBQ dinners and the bacon and egg breakfast on the last day. Ross gathered a very efficient team around him this year to help, well done everyone.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who pitched in with dishes, meal preparation, bag packing or bed making. For everyone who helped out and watched out for their fellow travelers, and who helped to contribute to another great trip. Thank you to everyone.

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